Bits of heart across time — 
SUB(JECTIVE) kit / score

This kit aims to dissolve stress, anxiety, impiatice and distraction that (urban & capitalistic) life in the 21st century impose on your being.
This kit aims to remind you to breathe, to pay attention to the posture of your arms and legs, the softness of the palms of your hands and feet and the way that you are situated in time and space.
I recommend you to repeat the usage of this kit every day for a duration of at least a week in order to see any improvement.

Here are the steps-

1. Start by finding a quiet area, preferably somewhere that you can be by yourself, once you find a moment and a good spot, get comfortable, in a position of sitting.

2. Write a question that addresses your relation to time and put an alarm for 5 minutes, in this time meditate on the question and write some words that rise in relation to your question.
Try and empty your mind from any concerns and unnecessary thoughts, yawning is very encouraged and any emotions that may rise are part of the practice.

3. Put another alarm for 1 minute and measure the pulse of your heart with your hand, write down the pulse per minute and the place/ city in which you followed the practice.

4. Create a graph of the places in which you did the practice and notice the different pulse in each place/time.

suggested questions-
can you be timeless?
can you be timefull?
where is your time?
can you get rid of time?
can you gain time?
does your time exist in a certain place?
does your time increase or decrease?
is now just like any other time?
is your time mostly on your legs or on the palms of your hands?
is your time flying or is it landing?
is your time a lie or is it true?
is your time a poem or a story?
how abstract is your time?
can you switch times?
is your time within your body or outside of your body?
can you let go of all times?
can you become another time for sometime? for how long?
can you break time apart?
can you stretch time?
does time dissolve you?
can time assemble you?
can you assemble time?
do you feel that you have less time now or more time?

Below is an archive of this practice, which includes-
A date
A question
Couple of words or sentences as answer
Measurement of the pulse per minute after answering the question
Place in the world when following the practice

You may read it all, or few highlights and skip to the graph at the bottom, here are some of the highlights-
* May I invent a way to look at time as it passes by me and smile and be a friend of it?
* Looking backwards with self forgiveness, grow within the stillness
* Being loyal to the now
* How can my whole body tune into a place of ease, soft intention towards activation, tickling 
desires, a plan, a flexible me, listening and becoming
* For the dreamer in me that think that he can suspend
* Between landing and unlanding

15 oct
can you break time apart?
Self patience, spacious
63 heartbit philly

16 oct
did you dissolve time?
Time got increased and accelerated, its affect on me grew like it turned me back
52 heartbit philly

17 oct (taken at night)
how short are you?
Acknowledging, not knowing, too short, i am enough
67 heartbit philly

18 oct
do you feel that you have less time now or more time?
Teardrops i'm suspended, I'm paused , less for? My time is wondering and looking back at me
75 heartbit philly

19 oct
does your time increase or decrease?
Its moldable changing form and size by my attention and hopefully intention, im passing by
75 heartbit philly

20 oct
how can I conduct time rather than time conduct me?
time as a friend, a companion that I embrace and bring to me, as a thing or place to be rather as something to achieve
65 heartbit philly

21 oct
can I shut off time?
It is one of the few times that I really didn’t want the 5 min to be over.
by losing the sense of time, shutting off, falling asleep or trying to..
84 heartbit philly

22 oct
why time? why now?
because it is possible to experience differently, less rushed / chansing and more patiently 
102 pulse philly

23 oct
what is time telling me now?
to wait, to be brave, courageous, thankful, respectul, appreciative, [pay attention to myself, accept!]
81 pulse (I felt how it slowed down while) philly

24 oct
where is now? is this the past already?
Hands, plams, it is observing me, looking at me, maybe its me
70 pulse philly

25 oct
how abstract is your time?
Is it? like a crack in the wall? A shapeless figure? A somewhat elevated god? Naa I mean it is like the home I take with me everywhere, my body, what I share, me trying to breath slower, to accept.. That’s what it is / you are.. A non narrative yet a story somewhat translated fiction, I love translation, interpretation, loyal to the origin but subject to the knowledge of the translator..
Abstract like a pause?
Non and all.. Abstract as a contract as the sky shift as a storm as stability, temporary it is it
77 pulse philly

26 oct
can I let go of all times?
Can all times let go of me? rhetoric games, though about the fact that being apart have costs, obligations, commitments, how complex,.. what a task :/
75 pulse philly

27 oct
is your time flying or is it landing?
Its relaxed so probably landing before rising flying, its at ease, its regular finally, in acknowledgement, it is what it is, it is it, it is
78 pulse philly

29 oct
How to let time pass smoothly and gently?
Don't know.. it's just another ingredient in a full life..
72 pulse frankfurt

31 oct
is now just like any other time?
Yes and no and yes.. Pressure ease
mmm body trust, perhaps, body listening
71 pulse frankfurt

9 nov
can I assemble time?
I can try just like I am doing now, it makes me breathe, acknowledge where I am and hopefully manage my own time further..
Does time assemble me? I question if my time now is in units or blocs or is it more like a fluid like a thick gel
65 pulse berlin

11 nov
can I switch times?
Like switching words? Every country that I know of, changes the time to winter or summer time and I switch time whenever I travel between continents so I guess that the answer is yes but
Is it like trading? How does my body react to this? Am I giving myself more time in order to adjust that i used to… does it have to do with kindness?
60 pulse berlin

14 nov
is my time real or is it fiction?
Semi, somewhat, it is on myself to decide and not, im pretty ambivalent about those questions and practice these day, Even if it's real it's real for me…. So very subjective what is fiction that is not becoming a reality? Like total fantazy? How do i feel about that? Its a concept, a felt concept, yet not really felt (enough), somewhat
54 pulse berlin

15 nov
how faithful are you to your time?
Can i not be?
Trying to be, its like my energy, its like, like, i am trying to be kind to my time. Its not always succesful.
56 pulse berlin

18 nov
where is my time?
Sitting bones, where i lean, where im situated, where i desire or fall towards, another question, under my eye lashes, within my eyeballs, in my impatience, having to do with survival and sailing in the medetiranian
69 pulse berlin

19 nov
can my time love?
Love what, depending on our relationship, it can be more comfortable, it can laugh at me, it can be sad so perhaps it can love too.. It demands a humanization, characterization of time as a figure but I say- why not?
60 pulse on the airplane between berlin to paris

22 nov.
Can I exist in someone else’s timeline?
Maybe, if i'm part of someone's life… more questions..
69 pulse paris

23 nov.
How may I expand/ find gaps within time?
By tuning, focusing, noticing and accepting my breathing.
By letting myself just be
By spending (still) time in one place
77 pulse paris

24 nov.
How would I describe this time (difference)?
Spacious, kind, warm, familiar (so much), allowing, homie, generous
70 pulse israel- modiin

25 nov.
is your time mostly on your legs or on the palms of your hands?
It is more felt on my feet, my stepping, weight distribution and positioning tells a lot of my management of time or running after versus giving- taking a break
on my hands it is more mysterious, especially on the lines that are folding and marking my hands time is positioned, it is less stable there but perhaps more precise even if less felt
72 pulse

26 Nov.
What makes this time different from any other time?
Following a repeated action with a gap of time in between provokes a mini dejavu, the feeling of return is heightened and taking a vivid shape, again, while traveling, passing through and reminding all the paths that I passed in order to get to where I am at right now. and there is indeed a change in my perception that occurs to be mysterious to me..
70 pulse

27 nov.
Be specific, by time i mean-
A process, a progress, a container, reference, grasping or coping with a vast idea, a parameter, something that I desire to dissolve, or make peace with or just understand better, my relation to and how I manage consciously ( yet differently every day).
58 pulse

29 nov.
Is arranging/ organizing time a conscious action?
not always, it seems to me like a demand of society, but happens btw too.. it is a construct yet a need. paradoxical thing, time and its structure- arrangement by people, we seem to all be tight to time, yet some societies just like here in Israel seem to be more loose about it, more tolerant and adjustable..
67 pulse

30 nov.
Why do I keep on stretching everyday and running after time?
A habit? A preference? Circumstances… postponing… feels right but start to feel wrong, the change needs to be active, I feel the need to stop dragging, its crucial yet almost impossible, I am maybe addicted to that way of (not) managing my time.
61 pulse

1 dec.
How time constraints may influence my mood, feeling, behaviour?
By noticing that it does so, I constantly try to live between what I need and what I want, I am less and less sure that while living in the city, growing up with norms and mainstream culture one can find an appropriate way to resist time constraints, I hope that I am not walking in circles around myself, but how may I know? How? How to? May I invent a way to look at time as it passes by me and smile and be a friend of it? Perhaps, for moments..
69 pulse

2 dec.
How can you fill time with perspective and modesty?
Looking backwards with self forgiveness, understanding my nature and what I have control of and what not.. letting the environment change me.. notice, pay attention, grow within the stillness
78 pulse

3 dec.
Can you let go of your fear of having no time left in the day?
I can try, i shall stay calm, focused, attentive to my interest, mature, loyal to the now..
71 pulse

5 dec.
In the now, this exact time- can I be non judgmental towards myself and others? how?
First by acknowledging that i am judgmental, second by apologizing, admitting, dropping, breathing consciously and….
Taking responsibility on myself, changing myself, moving my body, acknowledging that the responsibility to change is… mine and in my hands.
74 pulse

6 dec.
How may this  time give hope to other times?
By.. appreciation, keeping track, thanking.
By.. remembering to appreciate perspective, my uniqueness and my wish for quiet, by pausing sometimes
67 pulse

12 dec.
How can my whole body tune into an ease, a flow and focused form?
the unknown, soft intention towards the body towards activation, tickling desires, a plan, a flexible me, listening and becoming
64 pulse sweden

14 dec.
How may I describe this time right now?
A question mark, a possibility, suspension, a wait, maybe a shift, a cross between paths, a clearing, a walking towards trust
84 pulse sweden

16 dec.
Can you describe your relationship to time here? (in the residency)
Time seems to evolve in a special way here, it is more spacious than regular, calmer, more horizontal, yet i have a fear that i won't catch time, it’s somewhat more slippery, confronts me more..
62 pulse sweden

17 dec.
How does (my) skin and (my) time meet (in) the now?
My, my, in…
Patience, gravity, in friction,in forgiveness, in energy that is like a light of a phone but it is not.
In ticking clock, in ever changing, in a wish to be together
They constantly meet and dont meet and try to meet and avoid and over and over again
72 pulse sweden

19 dec.
How to relax, trust and be in this very time- the now?
By letting go, by caressing my skin, emptying my mind, noticing my weight, stop judging myself, by being in a state of wholeness, completing with things as they are..
72 pulse sweden

20 dec.
What does this time tell me?
That i'm planning, calculating, that i can breath more, that i follow a track, even if i can’t see it, that i am growing in many ways even if i'm having a hard time to believe so, that, that i'm getting somewhere even if it's hard for me to see it
64 pulse sweden

21 dec.
Why are you worried at this time and can you be in what you have?
I shall try, im worried because i feel that i change and i’m out of proportion, i feel very dependent, somewhat limited, stuck in my value system, not managing to go beyond what i'm used to think.. I can't forgive myself.. Can't concentrate on all that i manage and have…
I want to relax into goodness…
65 pulse sweden

23 dec.
For who is this time for?
For my belly that I dream of fattening, my desire to be desirable, for my head that wants to be knowledgeable and beautiful, for my ego that wants to be and do the best, for my wisdom that wants me to ground, for my impatient that wants me to exceed time, for my roundness that wants me to deeply learn, for the dreamer in me that think that he can suspend
73 pulse   In the air between poland to israel

25 dec.
Why are u feeling this time so vibrant?
Because i feel that im researching for real, something which i desired and wanted so long.. I feel appreciated about my poetry which means a lot to me
Because…. Im in israel??
69 pulse israel

26 dec.
This time feels suspended, how do u feel about it?
I feel a desire to make things concrete, i am trying to be in the now, it seems possible only at night with my own time and self…
THE NIGHT i seem to love the night, its when i live or re live
I feel like im ready for what's about to come, im not sure that im ready for whats here, right now..
Pulse 75 israel

27 dec.
Why are you feeling this way? at this very time?
Because i'm unused to being chill, to be in an unknown zone towards my coming months, to feel suspended, unproductive, in some self doubts, in between, unfinished, undone, in somewhat of an unknown zone.. I feel the productivity, my expectations and others of me and i am not really fulfilling any, i shall be writing but i only manage not to.
64 pulse israel

31 jan.
How does it feel like to return to time?
I hope that it will be familiar, that it will feel like returning to myself somehow.. Connect me back to the part of me that manages to focus, to take decisions..
Feels…. Me, honest.. Landing or trying to, at least be in between landing and unlanding
Pulse 66 Berlin

25 feb
How do you feel about the vagueness and ungraspability of time?
Sand, lack and acceptance, ongoingness, flood and flow, tasks, piles, desire to unite with time, more than I can reach, my breathing as a reminder that i have some sort of control, the transformation from something that i need to do to something that i do (do)
Pulse 78 Berlin

1 march
How may I expand and land in the present time?
Spread the breath to me all body, concentrate on my intention, feeling the energy and force between my two palms of hands, like self energizing, notice what it is that i am already doing
Pulse 76 NYC

2 march
How does time affect and feel when I close my eyes and sense it pass through me?
It feels raw, with desire to softness, dripping off of me like wax, calming
Pulse 71 NYC

24 march
How does this time is taking shape in words?
Blue, bright, sunny, cold, isolated, unsure, waiting, rigid, forign. Semi local, allowing, varied, better than last week, healthy mostly, open, demanding, odd, different, allowing leftovers, signifying possibilities, habits, make me question, questions and maps, unlocated, positioned, mirroring back at me
Pulse 57 Berlin

30 march
Can this time be else? What can it be?
I hope that it can be fruitful, joyable, funny, allowing growth and focus
It probably can be a tree, a monkey, million legs working together, a smile on some or just my face, nuroting, like a great hand or body cream, flattering compliment, suggestive advice, kind question, wise story, an advice, a hand shake or an imagination of one, closed eyes open heart, ants carrying food working together, open hands to the sun, fold on a tshirt, unrecognized sound, familiar something, anything, anyone,anytime but right now
Pulse 75 Berlin

2 april
This time is an invitation for?
Forgiveness, perspective, observations, breathing, focusing, restarting, rethinking, reimagining, noticing leaning towards, leaning away, allowing change, scanning, widening sight, letting go, inviting friends to get closer,appreciating, being inventive, trying to balance, to connect with internal and external paths.
Pulse 70 Berlin

4 april
When i say the word time, i actually say/mean?
Not a place, a feeling, vibration, atmosphere, general vibe, a cloud, assumption, systems of agreements that i am interested in breaking apart, frames, differences, my grandmas bird clock, fears, gravity, forces that i want to have control of but i probably can’t, ticking, age suspension, length/ duration, waiting for the pizza at Pizza& next to 1401, waiting for a flight, thinking while yoga class, daydreaming or dreaming on daydreaming, being on stage, when experiencing time feels different, when its over, when its not over, when im hungry
Pulse 67 Berlin